Friday 21 February 2014

C at 17 Months

Wow! Another month has passed. Unbelievable! C is now 17 months and every day I look at him and see less of a baby and more of a toddler. It makes me sad that he isn't my little baby any more but I am so proud of how far he's come. He is always happy and I'm proud of myself and Chris because I think we're doing a damn good job of this parenting thing!

Earlier this month all three of us had a horrid tummy bug. C had it first but it only lasted 24 hours. He woke up in the middle of night and vomited everywhere. I felt so bad for him because although as a small baby he was milky sick all the time, this was his first time being proper 'big person' sick. He seemed really stunned and shivery and he didn't know what was happening, bless him.

He's become a bit fussy with his eating. A little while ago, we took him out of his highchair and put his dinner plate on the table so he could eat while watching his TV shows. We soon learnt that this meant that he knew he could just get up and walk around. We put him back in his highchair and he'd just cry and not eat. I told Chris that if we just leave him, he'd eventually realise that he's hungry and eat. That didn't work initially and he would pick up pieces of food, pretend to take a bite and say "mmm!" Rascal! He did eventually give in and clear his plate. Happy mummy and daddy!

We did baby-led weaning with C so he's always used his hands to eat. My mum thinks I'm crazy as she hates mess but I think it just helps him to enjoy his food. He is getting older now so one night when we had chicken curry and rice for dinner, I gave him a spoon. I showed him how to hold it and scoop up some rice. He found this bit difficult, and he still does, so I do need to help him out a bit. He thought he was great because he could feed himself and after every spoonful he said, "mmm!" I think it took him about 2 hours to finish his meal but on the plus side, he did end up taking an extra two bowlfuls!

C has a new favourite movie. Tangled. It is a great movie, but Oh. My. God. we are so fed up of watching it. He has it on about 3 times a day and Chris and I could probably act the movie out by now! It doesn't help that the songs are so catchy and I even caught Chris whistling one while he was ironing his clothes the other day!

Next month, my little boy will be a whole 18 months old. 1 and a half years! *sobs*

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