Monday 24 February 2014

My 2nd Pregnancy: 12 Week Bump Update

Ahhhh my first bump update! I've been so excited about posting this and I can't believe it's finally here! I'm 12 weeks pregnant.

My jeans seem to be getting really tight already and I'm seriously looking forward to be able to wear comfy & stretchy maternity clothing!

This week my baby is around 5.4cm long and weighs just under 14g. It's the size of a plum!

The baby's reflexes are becoming more focused so if I were to prod my belly, the baby will move although I'll not be able to feel it yet. My baby can now close its fingers, curl its toes and clench its eye muscles - how amazing is that!?

I've been feeling a bit crap for the last few weeks if I'm honest. I've been so tired and I've been having a lot of food aversions. I'd wake up in the morning and instantly feel nauseous. The nausea would go away once I'd eaten but I could never find anything that I could stomach. I've completely gone off meat and my cravings include cheesy wotsits, icing (cherry bakewells have been satisfying this), cheese, ice pops, milk and KFC gravy! A weird combination!

Morning sickness hasn't been too bad this time round. I think I've only vomited three times whereas I was constantly throwing up when I was pregnant with C.

I'm a bit shocked at how big my 'bump' seems to be. I was able to completely hide my pregnancy from everyone for 5 months last time but there seems to be no hiding it now! I have, however, lost a lot of weight since then so I guessed that would play a part in it!

5 comments on "My 2nd Pregnancy: 12 Week Bump Update"
  1. When I was pregnant I went off of tea for the whole 9 months! I was not happy! lol. You have a lovely glow. :D

  2. How exciting..I know with my first i didnt show for ages but seemed to pop out alot quicker with the others..You look lovely Rebecca:) exciting times x

  3. your bump looks great, im 6 months pregnant now but its seems that no one can even see that im preggers, i guess second time round it can be more obvious)

  4. What a cute 12wk bump! Love bump updates! haha xx

  5. You have such a cute bump already!