Friday 21 February 2014

My Second Pregnancy: Confirming Pregnancy & Booking Appointment

On 3rd Jan, I visited my GP. Before I went I had said to Chris that I was a bit nervous. There I'd be, walking into a doctors office with my 15 month old in a pram and telling him that I'm pregnant again. He reassured me that 15 months isn't that small of a gap. I was kind of sad that he couldn't come with me as he had to work. But I'd done this before.

After an hour long wait, I was called in to see my regular doctor. I told him that I had had a positive home pregnancy test. I knew things would be different this time due to the pre-eclampsia. I'm "high risk", apparently.

He gave me an estimated due date of 8th September 2014 so that would make me 6 weeks pregnant on the Monday (6th Jan). Because of the pre-eclampsia last time, I needed to start taking one aspirin tablet a day from 6 weeks to 36 weeks to hopefully stop the onset of pre-eclampsia again. 

The midwife normally doesn't book you in until between 8-12 weeks but I would be seen the following Friday (10th Jan). I asked if I would have more appointments this time around and was told that yes, I would be monitored more closely - which is what I expected! My blood pressure was fine today so I'm hoping that it doesn't go up and I get a relatively easy pregnancy this time! 

The 10th Jan came and I went to my booking appointment. I was almost 7 weeks pregnant by this point. It had been two years since my last booking appointment so I had forgotten what usually happened. I was so nervous when I realised that my bloods would be taken - I vomited after them at my booking appointment with C! Thankfully, we had no vomiting episodes and I got through it like a trooper!

The midwife filled in all of my paperwork, gave me a strange look when I informed her that Chris is a twin and that my mums two sisters are twins and I was complimented on the fact that I have lost 2st since last time!

I was given my scan date for 13th Feb. The day before Chris's birthday. What a lovely present!
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  1. so you might have twins) looking forward to your scan post)))