Monday 17 February 2014

My Second Pregnancy - Finding Out

The three months before I found out that I was expecting baby #2, I was addicted to peeing on a stick. I'd have a stock pile in the house and I'd feel so down every time I got a negative result back. I wasn't stupid though. I know my body. I still got my pre-menstrual cramps so I knew my period was coming. It was just wishful thinking. This time was different. 

It was about a week before Christmas and I had complained that my breasts were feeling a bit sore. Obviously, this could have just been because my period was coming so I thought nothing of it. I then started to lose my appetite. Again, this is relatively normal for me. I don't eat a lot, maybe about 1 or 2 meals a day so it didn't bother me. My period was due on Boxing Day and I was moaning at Chris "Eugh, I'm gonna be so bloated and feeling rubbish over Christmas!" Christmas Eve came and I still didn't have any of my tell-tale pre-menstrual cramps. On Christmas morning, I tested. The Control line came up to say that the test had worked, but the Test line was horizontal instead of vertical. I told Chris that "it's only positive if it's vertical" and off we went to have a lovely Christmas. 

Sunday, 29th December, my period was three days late. Still no cramps. I had stayed at my parents the night before and woke up wanting a sausage sandwich with brown sauce for breakfast - nothing else would do! I told Chris that I was going to test again when I got home. I knew my body, and I knew something wasn't right. 

In I went and yep, clear as day, a BFP! 

Chris didn't believe that it was positive as it was so faint but I told him, "a line is a line!" 

At the time of writing this (30th Dec 2012) I am roughly 4 weeks pregnant. Once the initial happiness went away, I felt scared. After what happened with C, I don't want another premature birth. I want to have that big, uncomfortable bump that I didn't get first time around. 

Only time will tell!

2 comments on "My Second Pregnancy - Finding Out"
  1. Congrats again and fingers crosses for your healthy pregnacy and strong baby you have in your belly) Im due in the end of June and still no visible bump for me(

  2. Congrats hun and I hope everything goes well this time around. I'm really broody but we're going to wait until later this year to start trying. :)