Saturday 22 February 2014

StyleLux Blackhead Killer Face Masks - Review

I have horrible skin. I'm not long out of my teenage years and my skin really reflects that. I do get quite spotty (probably my own fault as I'm always falling asleep without taking my make up off - oops!) and I do have quite a lot of dreaded blackheads. 

When Style Lux got in touch about reviewing their blackhead killer masks, I was definitely up for giving them a go. I was sent 5 x 10ml face masks.

Firstly, *WARNING* here's a scary photo of me without make up. 

The instructions on the back are pretty simple. After 10 minutes of drying, gently peel the mask off. Cleanse with warm water and apple a face moisturiser.

I ripped open my sachet and put my finger in it to start putting it on my face. I really didn't expect it to be black but it smelled beautiful! I applied it as evenly as I could over my face. Beautiful, right?:

I could instantly feel the mask hardening and waited ten minutes and off I went to remove it. I found a good little bit to start off my peeling, just under my lip. Maybe it was the placement but it did sting a little peeling it off. The chin, upper lip and jaw bone seemed to be the worst but these are where my face would have tiny little baby hairs so I'm guessing it could be down to that!

As I was peeling, I noticed that I could see some dead skin cells stuck to it. Definitely a winner in my eyes. After the mask had been removed completely, I did notice a huge reduction in the amount of visible blackheads. My skin also felt a lot smoother.

I would definitely recommend these facemasks to anyone else who also suffers with blackheads. I've used a lot of different cleansers in the past but this seems the be the one that's worked the best.

You can buy your own pack of 5 x 10ml facemasks for £14.95 at the StyleLux website

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