Saturday 1 February 2014

What I've Won - Jan 2014

If you follow me on Twitter or have me on Facebook you'll know that I spend most all of my free time entering competitions. I'd like to think that I do pretty well and just thought I'd share with you what I have won in January 2014. Most of them haven't arrived yet so I have included some stock photos!

1) Boofle 2014 desk calendar from Boofle's Facebook page

2) This P&G box came as a surprise from SuperSavvyMe 

3) I won a Cadbury Daim bar from Given to Distracting Others blog

4) A Crawlerz romper from Crawlerz Facebook page

5) A baby box from UK Baby Box's Facebook page

6) A selection of Brabantia products worth £264 from Brabantia's Facebook page

7) A Munchkin inflatable duck bath from Munchkin's Facebook page

8) 3 pieces of Kat&Bee jewellery from InStyle Magazine

9) An amber teething anklet from Handbags to Changebags' blog

3 comments on "What I've Won - Jan 2014"
  1. Wow you won loads. Well done!

  2. Can you give me some tips?!i have won absolutely Nothing to date and I've been trying my luck for 4/5 months!!Feel like giving up!!

  3. Well done on all your wins. I adore the P&G box. That will be useful xx