Wednesday 28 May 2014

25 Week Midwife Appointment

Today, I saw my community midwife for a check up. As always, I was nervous as Hell for my blood pressure and urine sample checks. 

She checked that I was continuing to take my daily aspirin and vitamin D and confirmed that my iron and glucose levels were great. My blood pressure came back at 116 over 75 and no protein was present in my urine. 

From now on, my tummy will be measured. I'm 25 weeks pregnant but measuring 24 so nothing to worry about. Fetal heart rate is 148bpm compared to 158bpm back in April. 

All in all, I'm so pleased with how today went. I am now armed with my own home urine testing strips so I'm sure I'll be obsessively checking but I suppose that's better than worrying over nothing! 

I see my consultant in the hospital on the 26th June and the midwife will see me again 2 weeks after that when I will be 31 weeks. She did originally say that they'd usually do another check at 33 weeks but they want to see me earlier as C was born at 33 weeks. 

I am hopeful that at my consultant appointment, I will be okay to go for a VBAC as my blood pressure seems to be behaving itself! Fingers crossed. 
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