Wednesday 21 May 2014

C at 20 Months

This month, it feels like C has learnt so much in comparison to past months. 

He learned that spinning in circles will get him dizzy and he's perfected his shocked face. He loves to play "Where's C?" where when I ask him where he is, he'll put his hands over his eyes then pull them away and I have to say "there he is!!"

When we went to the zoo at Easter, his nanny bought him a monkey soft toy. I told him what noise a monkey made so now when he plays with him, he'll say "ooh ooh ah ah!"  He's also learning more words with "two", "yuck", "kick" and "blue" being added to his vocabulary list.  He has a bath book with the numbers 1-10 in it and he is able to point out where a number is when we ask but he is yet to say them. 

He's getting lots of teeth and we've got tooth nine through but I'm pretty sure there are one or two more coming. 

C really is a proper little boy. He'll put his finger up his nose and when I tell him to take it out, he laughs at me! He also laughs and burps at his farts - he even purposely farted on my hand when I changed his nappy a few days ago! He also loves touching his "bits" when his nappy's off so we've introduced hand sanitizer. He's taken to it well and knows how to rub it in properly. 

When Chris and I pretend to cry, he'll run over to give us a kiss which is lovely. We never even taught him to do it. So affectionate! 

He's used crayons to draw before so we gave him felt tips for a bit of a change. He coloured away for a bit before discovering that he could colour his belly in too!

He had his 2nd ever haircut this month as well - I miss his curls! 

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