Thursday 22 May 2014

The Day That C Fed the Ducks

[This post is photo heavy!]

Chris had the day off yesterday and C is always either at home, out in his pram whilst we shop or at the park so we decided to do something a little different. It was a gorgeous, sunny day so we went for a trip to the Lagan Towpath as there are usually lots of ducks around. We packed a little picnic of sandwiches, fruit, cheese etc and set off with some bread for the duckies. 

Lagan Towpath is a bit of a walk for us so C had a snooze on the way there. At 24 weeks pregnant, it really took it's toll on me too! It's an absolutely beautiful place and it was lovely to have a family day outside. 

We got to feed the ducks but C wanted to eat the bread himself instead of throw it to them! They got very close to us and I thought he might be a bit freaked out by it but he just wanted to get into the water with them!

We then had our own little picnic and let C run loose in a massive field. He had so much fun picking flowers and finding sticks. It was great to let him blow off some steam!

We stopped off for a little ice cream on the way home - the perfect end to the perfect day!

1 comment on "The Day That C Fed the Ducks"
  1. Looks like such a lovely day that you guys had! And the end it with that ice cream! Jeez! Omnomnom, lol x