Tuesday 29 July 2014

Breastfeeding Made Easy by Carlos Gonzalez

My breastfeeding story with C is not a successful one. He was born 7 weeks early as I developed pre-eclampsia. He was taken straight to NICU and as I was so ill, I didn't get to go see him for 2 days. In those two days, I expressed but I wasn't able to produce very much. His little tummy could only tolerate 1ml of milk per feed so I wasn't too worried. When he started needing more and I couldn't give him enough, that's when I broke down in tears to the NICU staff. They reassured me that C was happy being topped up with formula and that I shouldn't worry myself as I was still so ill myself. So I gave up. And I really regret that. 

Now that I am expecting baby number two, I'm so determined to successfully breastfeed this time round. I recently received the book 'Breastfeeding Made Easy' by Carlos Gonzalez. I was hoping that it would give me an insight and some background information as I didn't do any research when I was pregnant with C.

I have to be honest and say that I really wish that I had this book during my first pregnancy. Paediatrician Carlos Gonzalez has three children of his own and his aims for this book were to tackle real-life questions that mothers have about breastfeeding by explaining: 

how breastfeeding works, and why most mothers, with support, can do it if they want to 
how myths and misinformation can derail mothers, and how to avoid this
how to manage introducing solid foods, weaning them from the breast and going back to work
the proven health benefits of breastfeeding, for babies and their mothers
how treating illness, in mother and baby, needn't mean the end of breastfeeding
how breastfeeding can succeed even in difficult circumstances
the importance of good breastfeeding support, and how to access it

This book touched on a lot of things that I found myself wondering last time round. I know I didn't ask for enough help and I let the nurses tell me that he was fine on formula. I should have pushed myself. It even made me realise things that I never even thought about such as how to introduce other foods. I was so focused on how to breastfeed a little newborn. 

The way that Gonzalez writes is really friendly, warm and inviting. He does go off on tangents when telling stories but they are all relevant and I never lost interest. It doesn't read as clinically as some other articles that I've read and there are lots of helpful diagrams of what is right and wrong. 

I found myself reading snippets out to Chris and showing him the diagrams and I've even suggested that he read it too because I want him to be my main support on my breastfeeding journey. I'd love for him to know as much as possible and therefore if I get stressed out or forget something, he'll know how to fix things. 

I truly feel as though all of the questions that I had rushing around my brain have been answered fully and I do feel very prepared this time round. I would definitely recommend this book to any expectant mother who is interested in breastfeeding - it will do wonders! I'd even go as far as to say it is an essential read.

You can purchase your own copy at Pinter & Martin direct at a reduced price of £9.59 (usually £11.99).

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