Tuesday 15 July 2014

Project-B Pregnancy Subscription Box (30-34 Weeks)

If you are a regular reader, you'll know that throughout my pregnancy, I've been receiving Project-B's pregnancy subscription boxes (you can read my past reviews here).

I recently received month 8 (30-34 weeks) and I was super excited to see what was inside. This months theme is PREPARE which is great as right now I am getting ready for impending labour.

As soon as I opened the box, there was a lovely surprise of a 7ml sample of Weleda Pomegranate Firming Cream (RRP £23.95 for 30ml). This was a lovely treat in addition to the already fantastic products that were in the box.

"What are these fantastic products?" I hear you ask. Well, inside there was:

1. 2 x Montezuma Mini Bars [milk chocolate with butterscotch] (RRP £0.85 each) - These were really yummy. A nice little treat for a pregnant lady. Although they were milk chocolate I did think that they tasted a little like Bourneville. I'd never tried Montezuma's chocolate before but I will definitely buy it in the future.

2. Sample pack of Vital Baby breast pads - I am planning on breastfeeding this little one and, because I'm just so lucky, I am having little leakages already!

3. Laboraide Twin Pack (RRP £19.99) - This is the item that I was most excited about. I had heard of Laboraide back when I was pregnant with C and had planned on buying a pack. I didn't have a chance to as he arrived early and it was a C-section anyway! This time around, I am allowed to go for a VBAC and I cannot wait to try these out as I want to have as natural a birth as possible. They are a dental support device that are designed to be used during the first and second stages of labour to help reduce the pain by relaxing the jaw and keeping the mouth open. This in turn eases the neck and shoulders down to the core muscles. It can be used alongside TENS machines and gas and air too. It's gone straight into my hospital bag and I cannot wait to see how effective they are!

4. Femfresh Freshness Wipes (RRP £1.59) - These are small and discreet and leave you feeling fresh! Very happy to see these included.

5.  Benecos Nail Polish 9ml (RRP £6.95) and Benecos Natural Lip Gloss 5ml (RRP £6.95) - I'm not a huge girly girl but it is nice to see little make up treats. These are both natural products and haven't been tested on animals.

6. Weleda Perineum Massage Oil 50ml (RRP £8.95) - I actually told Chris that I wanted to use this oil a few months ago and he recoiled in horror - at least he doesn't have to worry about this sort of thing as he won't go through childbirth! The idea is to massage it into the perineal area 3-4 times a week from the 34th week of pregnancy in order to elasticise that area and hopefully reduce the risk of tearing in labour. I was so happy to see the full sized product and I will definitely be using this once I hit 34 weeks.

7. Floradix Liquid Iron 10ml - I wrote recently that my blood tests had come back showing that I was anaemic so this arrived at the perfect time!

8. Pukka Tea Bag samples - I do like trying new samples of tea but I have been drinking less due to having low iron levels as my midwife told me that they include tannins which can stop me from absorbing iron fully. I did enjoy these caffeine-free bags though!

I also received my usual four flash cards and the topics were:

Information on how my pregnancy is developing this month, a recipe card for salmon with pine nuts and lime (I love salmon so I am eager to try this!), staying active during pregnancy, and a hospital bag checklist (which came in very handy as it's what I'm in the midst of doing!)

Overall, I was seriously impressed with this box. The Laboraide alone won me over. For a £14 price tag, the items in this month's box total over £46!!!!! Unbelievable! Totally worth buying.

You can find out more about Project-B at their website, Facebook and Twitter.

(Disclaimer: I received this subscription free of charge in exchange for an open and honest review. All thoughts an opinions are my own.)

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