Wednesday 9 July 2014

Dry Like Me - Review & Giveaway

We have been introducing the potty to C now that he is approaching 2 years old and is able to signal to us that he needs his nappy changed. 

My favourite way of getting C used to the potty is to give him nappy-free time and plonk him on it when he starts to go. Although I am a stay-at-home mum, I'm not at home 24/7. I do need to pop out and do errands so obviously I couldn't leave C nappy-less!

Dry Like Me very kindly sent us a "Smarter Way to Potty Train" pack (RRP £25/€30) wh
ich contains four boxes of the Dry Like Me potty training pads and a "How to Potty Train" book.

Dry Like Me training pads were invented by busy mums who realised that there was an opportunity to help mums and children potty train more quickly and effectively. They remind me a little bit of sanitary towels. They are inserted into your child's pants (front, back or both as they capture wee and poo) and although they bulk up, they don't absorb the full 'accident' so the child still has that realisation that they've wet themselves. The fact that they don't absorb everything really makes me prefer them to regular pull-up nappies as they seem more grown up and less like they're back in their nappies!

C loves to read and the 'How to Potty Train' book isn't like an instruction manual for parents. It is written in a way that teaches your child what the "getting rid of nappies and starting to use the potty" process is. I love that it comes with stickers too so your child feels included and rewarded. My favourite part of the book is the 'Assessment Chart' where you can jot down your child's bladder and bowel movements as a way to learn when they are most likely to go.

This set has been absolutely fantastic with introducing C to the potty and I can't wait to see it the whole way through.

These pads are available from all major supermarkets in the UK and Ireland at a price of £3.49/€3.99) per box.

If you are planning on potty training your toddler this summer, the authors of the 'How to Potty Train' book are offering a free online summer advice event - Potty Training Live.

The same event ran last year and Jenni Falconer took part to potty train her daughter Ella. She blogged about her experience and you can read it at and you can also register for this year's free advice which went live on July 7th.

Dry Like Me have also offered my readers the chance to win their own Smarter Way to Potty Train Pack (four boxes of Dry Like Me pads & a potty training book). All you need to do it fill in the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

This competition is open to residents of the UK & ROI only. One winner will win four boxes of Dry Like Me pads and a potty training book. Dry Like Me are responsible for delivery of the prize.

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