Monday 28 July 2014

My Second Pregnancy: 34 Week Bump Update

I'm 34 weeks pregnant. I have never been 34 weeks pregnant so this is amazing - hooray! 

I really feel like it is getting tougher now. The skin on my tummy feels like it has been stretched as much as possible. I don't know how I have 3-6 more weeks of growth left. 

We're redecorating our home at the minute too (and built the baby's crib - eek) so we have been out and about trying to buy nice decor items. We don't drive so walking a lot is really taking it's toll. I have been getting a pain in my pelvis/groin area when I've done too much. I was in tears to Chris on Saturday night because I was so sore around my belly and lower back too. 

I seem to have lost my appetite which is really strange! I didn't expect this to happen. Its annoying because I know that I need to eat and I feel really rubbish when I haven't but I just don't feel hungry! 

The baby's kicks are still really strong. On occasion, I have cried out because they hurt me so much. My belly has gotten so hairy too. It's quite embarrassing. I remember it with C though, and it all disappeared when he was born - thankfully! 

At 34 weeks the baby now weighs over 2.2kg and is around 45cm long. She is just filling out and getting rounder now! Obviously, at this stage last time, C was already 5 days old so I have an idea of how she looks right now - strange! 

This is a photo of C when he should have been 34 weeks exactly. It's so odd to think that there is a little baby roughly that size in my tummy right now!

2 comments on "My Second Pregnancy: 34 Week Bump Update"
  1. My belly has also got hairy ha ha dont show anyone. I too had this with my first.

  2. Ooops pressed publish to early. Its been so hot i think it makes you less hungry ive been totally the same. Esting has been a struggle and so has sleeping. X