Monday 7 July 2014

My Second Pregnancy: 31 Week Bump Update

I'm 31 weeks pregnant. 

This week, I feel like I have more negative things to write about than positive which is a shame! Let's get all of that out of the way first. 

At this stage with my last pregnancy, this is when the pre-eclampsia symptoms started. I currently am getting a pain under my right rib. I see my midwife on Wednesday so I'll mention that to her then. I am obsessively checking my urine with Ketostix but no protein is being found so my mind is put at ease. 

I am constantly exhausted from the minute I wake up in the morning and my lower back aches. Standing to do the dishes is the worst. 

I've been getting nosebleeds but only ever from my left nostril. It's so strange. I don't remember having them last time. 

I feel like I've past the blooming stage and just feel fat. I feel disgusting in everything that I wear :( 

I was having a nosy online about raspberry leaf tea as I hear that it's good for toning the uterus and making labour easier - amazing! Except it's not recommended if you have had a previous c section or premature birth - boo! 

I'm still finding it hard to find anything that I want to eat. I am seriously craving mints though. I can't get enough of them. 

On a happier note, my crib, mattress, bedding and travel system all arrived today so if baby were to be born, we'd have everything we need! 

I've got everything for my hospital bag too so I will pack it sometime this week and do a blog post on what's inside.

At 31 weeks, the baby is around 16 inches long and is roughly the size of a head of lettuce. She can turn her head from side to side and her limbs are plumping out. She is constantly moving around which reassures me that she's doing okay! 

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