Wednesday 2 July 2014

OXO Bottle Drying Rack - Review

OXO are mainly known for their useful and helpful kitchen and household accessories that are designed to make day-to-day tasks much easier. 

They have a fab range of baby & toddler products and we've been lucky enough to be trying out the Bottle Drying Rack. Although C is a fully-fledged toddler, he does still have a bedtime bottle and now that I am 30 weeks pregnant we will be beginning to use bottles with the new baby too.

When I first opened the rack out, I was impressed by how spacious it was but it isn't too big that it is a pain to have sitting in the kitchen. C uses tommee tippee bottles but I've got some MAM bottles for the new baby and both brands of bottle fit on comfortably as the tines are flexible and I can even slot it C's juice bottles, plates and cutlery in the little pot provided.

The rack is deep so it holds drained water without spilling and the rounded edges make it easy to pour it out. The ridges are high enough that the items are kept away from the water at the bottom.

I honestly can't believe that I've managed almost two years parenting without using a rack like this as it is so much easier to keep all C's bits away from our regular dishes. I would definitely recommend this rack to any parent to babies/toddlers and it's dishwasher safe too!

You can purchase your own OXO Bottle Drying Rack for £15.32. You can find out more about OXO at their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. This looks fab will come in so handy