Friday 29 August 2014

My Second Pregnancy: 38 Week Consultant Appointment & Hospital Admittance

I have had the worst 24 hours of my life. I set off for my routine consultant appointment at 2pm yesterday fully aware of what would happen. I've been to enough of these appointments; blood pressure, urine check and scan. 

As soon as I handed over my urine sample, the nurse tested it and said "3 + protein". My heart sank. When I'd been admitted to hospital to have C there were 4 +. The doctor asked me to pop up onto the bed to check my blood pressure and it was high with the diastolic number being 95. I was then given my scan and baby looked fine and is estimated at around 7lbs. She spoke to me about her concerns and said that they might want to induce me either later that night or the following day. I was always led to believe that I wasn't eligible for induction as I'd had a previous Caesarian. 

She explained that they couldn't induce using their usual method of a hormone gel because there is a risk of scar rupture. I could be induced using a Cook balloon which is inserted into the cervix and it breaks your waters. She then had me remove my jeans and underwear to check if my cervix would be ready for it if need be. This was the most uncomfortable and painful experience of my life. It didn't help that I saw blood running down her gloved hand afterwards! Apparently my cervix is still quite high but she could get it to about 1cm - not a lot! She then consulted another doctor over what to do with me. 

When she came back, she told me that they had decided to admit me to the ward and they took some bloods. Cue me ringing Chris quickly as he was due to start work shortly. I needed my bags and we needed to arrange childcare for C. Luckily, his mum lives around the corner and she really helps us out when we need it which is fab. 

I was hooked up to the monitor to check mine and baby's heart rates as well as baby's movements but all was fine. My blood pressure was starting to drop a little too (lowest being 88). Chris dropped my bags up around dinner time but as we didn't know what was happening yet, he went home to C as we wanted to keep things as normal for him as we could. My blood pressure continued to be checked at regular intervals and the diastolic number even went as low as 77 on one occasion. My urine was also coming back with just a trace of protein which I thought was very odd.

Chris came up to see me at visiting hours (6.30-8.30) and at 8.15pm, I had another blood pressure check. It came back in the high 80s again. As this wasn't too high, I asked what the plan was. Realistically, I wanted to go home with Chris and by this point I was missing C a lot. The midwife came back and said that the doctors weren't able to come see me so I would be staying in and they'd come in the morning. I was so upset. I was on a noisy ward and being away from Chris and C, I knew I wouldn't sleep and I was right. I think I saw every hour on the clock during the night and even when I did fall asleep, I couldn't get into a deep sleep. I kept jumping and waking myself up.

This morning, my blood pressure was high again at 94 but urine was still clear of protein. The doctors came round at 10am and checked my reflexes which were brisk. I was told that if my blood pressure was back down under 90, I could go home. I had it checked at 11am (94) then 12pm (92) so at least it was going in the right direction. I was hooked up the monitor to check our heart rates and babys movement again and, as expected, all was fine. After lunch, around 1.45, I had my blood pressure checked again - 85. I had never been so happy. Home time!

The midwife will come out to my house tomorrow to check my blood pressure so if it's high again, we'll work it from there. I was also given an antenatal appointment for Thursday when I'll be 39+3 (if I haven't gone into labour already) and I'll probably be given an induction date. Okay, so I may be home with the baby still in my belly, but I've never been more glad to be in my own house cuddling my little boy!

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  1. Oh my! How scary for you....
    I hope things are a little better now x