Saturday 27 December 2014

C at 27 Months

I'm a few days late with this. C was 27 months on the 21st but with all the Christmas prep it completely slipped my mind!

C continues to surprise me with every day that passes and I love watching him change into his own little person. 

Firstly, I need to rave about his speech. He repeats everything and I've lost count of how many words he knows. We bought him the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics a few months ago and it's helped greatly. I've caught him walking around saying "D - duh duh". We are now able to interact and converse with him properly. He is also good with tenses. He knows when to use "broke" and "broken" correctly. 

He's been a bit of a handful lately if I'm honest. Anytime we go out he screams at the top of his lungs because he doesn't want to be out. We've started taking him on evening walks (with his harness) and if he starts to mess around we come straight home and explain why he wasn't allowed to go, otherwise we finish our walk and praise him for being well-behaved. It seems to be working so far but I will keep you updated!

He knows his emotions and tells us when he is feeling sad. 

He also had his first ever eye test which you can read about here

It makes me so emotional to think of my little preemie boy then and now. He's done me proud! 

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