Monday 1 December 2014

What I've Won: Nov 2014

I've done pretty well with competitions this month! I'm pleased to report back that I had 14 wins in November!

1) Makka Pakka wall sticker (RRP £12.50) from You Baby Me Mummy

Source: Stickerscape

Of course mine has my sons name instead of Joshua. He absolutely adore Makka Pakka so he is so pleased with it! 

2) Frozen-themed necklace (RRP £11.00) from Raspberry Ripple Hand Stamped Jewellery

3) Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Chatter Telephone (RRP £8.00)

Source: Superdrug

4) Snazaroo Face Paints (RRP £5.00) from Mothercare/ELC

5) Tidlo Balance Bike (RRP £62.00) from Netmums

6) 5 Boojum vouchers (RRP £25) from The Thin Air

7) Lego Batman Pack (RRP £3.00)

8) 'My First Christmas' teddy (RRP £18.00) from Tired Mummy of Two

9) Lunch for two at The Streat (RRP £12.00) from Kennedy Centre

10) Nuby Bath Toy (RRP £6.00) from Nuby

11) Pipsy Koala Changing Bag (RRP £29.99) from Baby Swap or Shop

Source: Pipsy Koala

12) The Wizard of Oz on Blu-Ray (RRP £15.00) from Cultbox

13) In The Night Garden book (RRP £5.00) from TheBabyWebsite

14) Personalised 'My Baby Sister' book (RRP £15.00) from Mum Wife Girl

In total, November's wins add up to £227.50. I'm hoping I do well during December with the advent comps. Good luck if you are participating in them too!

1 comment on "What I've Won: Nov 2014"
  1. Some lucky woman you are. :) I've had one win in November and I'm only starting to get into this competition stuff.