Thursday 18 December 2014

The Kids Visiting Santa 2014

I love taking the kids to see Santa. My mum took me every year and I wanted to do the same with my children so they always have the photos to look back on. 

C has developed a bit of an attitude lately. I'm not sure if it's down to the fact that there is a new addition to the house or that he's in the midst of the dreaded Terrible Twos! 

He finally behaved long enough to be allowed to see Santa - hooray! This year he is old enough to understand more. Every time he sees a picture of Santa he recognises him and shouts "ANTA!" so I was hoping he'd be excited to see him. 

Standing in the queue was fine. He was happy and looking forward to it. Sitting on his knee was a whole other story. He began to whinge but I think this was partly because 'Santa' was a stranger and partly because he thought we were leaving him. They took quite a few photos but because he was so upset we had to settle on the best of a bad bunch! 

E fell asleep in the queue - typical! and would not wake for us. She screamed bloody murder every time we tried so she had to have a sleeping photo. 

All in all, the trip wasn't a complete success but at least I have my Christmas 2014 photos! 

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