Monday 7 December 2015

Look in my Letterbox #35

I don't know what is up with my post lately. I'm waiting on so much but very little is being delivered! *sob* I'm hoping it's just slow due to it being a bit busier. I'm linking up again with Look in my Letterbox.

Tartan cape
I won this from @msmiirahs_boutique on Instagram and oh my goodness, it is the cutest! I love it so much. It's completely handmade too.

Hanging reindeer
I won these a while ago from Lace & Grace on Facebook and they are just so sweet. I excitedly put them on my tree as soon as they arrived.

Hairy Bikers autobiography
I love these two! I'm so chuffed with this win and my dad and Chris are dying to read it too. I've heard it's hilarious.

Border Biscuits
I've been entered Border's #brilliantnotboring comps for ages and I finally won! These are the most beautiful shortbread ever.

Pirate book bundle
I'm so pleased with this! Books and pirates are two of C's favourite things.

Yankee Candle jute bag

I love Yankee Candles but I hardly ever buy them for myself. A lovely treat!

Spray paint
This was from Rustoleum on Twitter. No clue what I'm gonna do with it yet!

Oh my goodness, what a faff it was trying to actually receive this. I won a beautiful blue dress with white polka dots in the daily competitions that Carolina Dress Room run on Facebook back in July. I was delighted as it was so beautiful and totally my style. After months of chasing up, the first response was that the dress I'd won was out of stock and they gave me two other options; a beige or rose dress. Months passed and I still hadn't received anything. I ended up asking them for the tracking number which they said they'd dig out. I received nothing so I reported them to the ASA. I had no further contact and decided I'd let the ASA deal with it when they messaged me telling me that they had sent the tracking number to the advertising agency. Again, I ignored this as the ASA were still dealing with it. A few days later, I recevied another message saying that "as a goodwill gesture" they'd resend it. This is what arrived. It wasn't either of the dresses I chose - I feel a little ungrateful saying that but they messed me around so much that I don't even think I'd buy from them now. It's left a really sour taste. Since this has happened to me, I've posted in a competition group on Facebook where a few others have said that they have had problems with them too!

Smurf light
How cute is this!? C absolutely loves it and brings it to bed every night.

E Christmas headband
I spotted it on Instagram from @rosesandbows and it will match E's dress perfectly! I'm writing this post at night and I forgot to take a pic and I'd really rather not go into E's room to take one so you can nosy at it here.

Pink owl socks and Mummy's Bestie tee
I bought the socks from @little_liv_co and the tee from @missboosboutique (both Instagram). I couldn't resist!

Did you receive anything nice last week?

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  1. What a shame about the dress! I hate when companies can't run a proper competition it just leaves a sour taste all round

    Thanks for linking up with #LIML