Tuesday 1 December 2015

What I've Won: Nov 2015

November has been a wonderful month for competition wins. I'd like to be a wishful thinker and say it's just a warm up for December - ha! I'm keeping everything crossed that I do well in the advents but in saying that, I'm not prepared at all. I've barely bookmarked anything! Anyway, here's what I won in November.

1) Winter Glow candle (RRP £9.00) from Mils & Boo
I do love my candles and smellies so it was fab to win such a lovely scented one for winter.

2) Teepee (RRP 95.95/£67.61) from Vobe Interiors
I actually had to pinch myself when I was notified of this win and I didn't truly believe it until it arrived! There were over 3,000 entries and usually I'm put off a Facebook competition if it has over 1,000 but clearly I was wrong to be!

3) Pillow bows (RRP £2.00) from littlelacey_maes
Although this is a small value win, they're my favourites. I buy tons of handmade bows and clothes so I love when I win some!

4) Babymoov highchair (RRP £139.99) from My Baba
After my huge teepee win, I honestly thought that was my luck over for November then I received an email telling me I'd won this. E was previously using her brother's old highchair so it was great to win her a shiny new one.

5) Maya the Bee merchandise (RRP £33.43) from Showcase Cinemas
I posted last month that I'd won a Maya plush and now I've won another plus a couple of extras. I'm glad that the kids will now have one each so no fighting!

6) Orchard Toys Magic Cauldron game (RRP £11.75) from Primary Times
I actually got a letter in the post informing me of this win then a few days later the game arrived. It's aged 5+ and since C is only 3 I will keep it for when he's a bit bigger. He's a huge fan of the Orchard Toys games.

7) Dental floss (RRP £1.00) from TalkHealth
This was a little surprise one that turned up in the post. I think it was from a survey. It's just a little win but it will come in handy.

8) Ella's Kitchen hamper (RRP £8.56) from Nisa Locally
I absolutely love these little pouches. Although most of them are 4 months+, I always carry them in the changing bag as snacks for both E and C!

9) Sensory Miffy (RRP 24.99/£17.61) from A Baby on Board
There were so many bloggers hosting giveaways for this sensory Miffy and I think I entered every one. I was so happy to finally win one - the kids will love it!

10) Grandad plaque from tiny-feet
I spotted this giveaway on Facebook and I just had to enter. My dad will love it as it's so true!

11) Breakfast tea (RRP £4.95) from Stir Drinks
I just happened to come across this quick RT competition on Twitter. We are big tea drinks so it was a lovely win.

12) Tube Heroes toys (RRP £23.00) from Beano
This was a text entry and just arrived as a surprise!

13) Diamante phone cover (RRP £11.99) from sparkle.glitz
I won this in a game of tag on Instagram. I was able to choose a design and since Ariel is my favourite Disney princess, I had to choose her! 

14) Thomas die cast train toy (RRP £8.99) from Thomas & Friends magazine
I love when a kids mag win appears in the post, especially when it's one the children will love. C has a big Thomas the Tank Engine track but only has the die cast Thomas that came with it so he will be delighted with this!

15) Handmade cape (RRP £12.50) from msmiirahs_boutique
I won E a handmade cape in an Instagram competition. I am so excited to receive it!

16) £10 off button frame from bellabuttonsx
This was a runner up win in an Instagram competition. I still haven't placed my order yet - need to get a move on!

17) Cleanser (RRP £6.99) from Bueno
This was from the purchase necessary Kinder Bueno competition. Inside the wrapper, there are codes to enter online to win a beauty or fashion prize. I bought tons of them (not that it was a chore, myself and C love Kinder Buenos!) and I actually won! I never usually do well with purchase comps.

18) Potty training kit (RRP £10.00) from The Mad House of Cats and Babies
This is such a handy win! C was 3 in September and still isn't interested in using the potty. I've started reading him his potty books every night in bed so hopefully we'll get there soon!

19) Usborne pirate book bundle (RRP £20.00) from Big Fish Little Fish
I'm so chuffed with this win! C loves books and pirates so it'll be a lovely addition to his Christmas gifts.

20) 40 points to spend at Oh So Naughty
This works out at £4,00 so I can get a nice little treat ;)

21) Gold glitter spray paint (RRP £6.99) from Rust-oleum
I love this! It will be great for crafting.

22) Case of chocolate chip shortbread rings (RRP £10.00) from Border Biscuits
Who doesn't love a foodie win?! I'm so excited to receive these!

November saw me win 22 prizes worth £403.37. I'm hoping December will be great with the advents!

Did you win anything nice last month?

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