Friday 26 February 2016

Baker Ross Spring Crafts

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about receiving a box of Valentine's and Spring themed craft items from Baker Ross. I reviewed the Valentine's items here and said I'd be doing the Spring ones in a separate post so, here we are!

The Spring items included in the box were:

Bug Fingerprint Decoration Kits (£3.49 per pack of 5)
Butterfly Ceramic Flowerpots (£3.96 per pack of 4) 
Tulip Pencil Pot Kits (£2.99 per pack of 4) 
Flower Stampers (£3.60 per pack of 10) 
Butterfly Magic Wand Kits (£3.49 per pack of 4) 

I also used the 4-Part Multi Paint Pad (£3.60)

We had to start off with C's favourite - stampers! I mentioned in my last post that C hadn't used a paint pad before but I think he actually enjoys it more than regular paints. He hates having paint on his hands for too long and loved how he could just open the pad up himself and work away. I love how easy the stampers are to clean. We've used them a few times now and the quality is still as great at the first time we tried them out. 

The Bug Fingerprint Decoration Kits were next. C had never done fingerprint painting before but he thought it was a lot of fun. You can choose to make either a Butterfly, Bee, Ladybird or Caterpillar and C chose the ladybird. The main base is foam then you just had to add the foam wings, red cheeks and antennae (these are already sticky, you just have to remove the backing) and put tie a piece of ribbon through the top so it hangs. There is also a small black paint pad so C could make the dots on the ladybirds wings. He was so excited and maybe even did a bit too many as he got carried away. Tons of fun!

The Butterfly Magic Wand Kits were a hit with both kids. Chris helped E do one and I helped C. There are four kits in different colours but including all the same pieces. You have the main foam butterfly, a smaller foam butterfly to stick on top, four glitter foam teardrop shapes to place on the wings, a glitter foam body, sequins, a stick and ribbon. C was able to stick all of the foam parts on himself whilst I put some PVA glue down to stick the sequins on. The main butterfly has a hole centre bottom so after putting a little glue on the tip of the stick, I was able to slot it in easily with no faff. The three bits of ribbon looked difficult in the picture but were really simple. I tied the first around the top of the stick, just below the butterfly, allowing it to flow down. I then tied the next ribbon in a bow with the stick in the centre then repeated the first ribbon with the next. The rest of the day, both kids were waving them around the house thinking they were great. I definitely think this is the best Baker Ross kit we've received!

The Baker Ross ceramic kits are ones that C doesn't seem that interested in but they are mine and Chris's favourites so we tend to take over them. We already own ceramic pens and the pots come all ready to go so all we have to do is colour them how we want. It's really therapeutic and I like coming up with different colour combinations. 

I loved doing the Tulip Pencil Pot craft with C. The set contains the cardboard tub, foam tulip, foam butterflies and ladybirds and foam leaves. Once you have the tub sitting upright, you need to add the tulip to the rim. The tulip has two little vertical slices already so you just need to put a little glue in the middle of these then push it against the inside of the tub. Glue will also be needed to add the leaves to the bottom of the tub. The foam insects are already sticky so it's a case of removing the backing and attaching them to the tulip then you're done! Super simple, C could do it all by himself. He looked pretty darn chuffed about it too! 

You can browse the full range at the Baker Ross website. You can also keep up to date with them on Facebook and Twitter

(We received these items as part of our role as Baker Ross Bloggers. All thoughts and opinions are my own.) 
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