Wednesday 10 February 2016

Injecting a Bit of Passion into your Life with The Fantasy Box - Review

In this post I'm going to talk about *whispers* sex. Sorry to any family members reading! 

Chris and I have two kids so I think it's pretty obvious that we "do it" but after having children things can slip as much as you say they won't before they arrive! I had a c-section with C so we got back into things pretty quickly (so much so that I was pregnant with E when he was 15 months old!) but after my VBAC with E, it took me ten months to feel comfortable enough to have sex again - poor Chris! I underestimated how hard it was to have free time after having a second child too. Getting both kids to bed easily and at the same time is still proving difficult for us then we just end up being too tired.

We recently received a Fantasy Box to try out. The Fantasy Box is a luxury service designed to help couples explore new dimensions of their relationship in a safe, stress-free fun way. Their themed boxes include instructions for each person and products designed for each scenario, including correctly sized lingerie. This means that you literally need to plan nothing beforehand.

We all say that communication is the key to a great relationship but when it comes to sex, we never talk about it enough. The Fantasy Box has helped thousands of couples rediscover their relationships so I was really excited to give it a go.

The boxes come in four themes: Sensual, Control, Costume and Playful. You can decide which box is best for you by looking at the recommendations on the website. We received the "Introduction" box to give us a bit of a taster into what way the boxes work.

The box includes:
  • Eyemask
  • Vibrator
  • Follower/Leader cards
  • Candle
  • Lube
  • Babydoll and thong
  • His and hers surveys
I really like the follower and leader cards. It took us out of our comfort zone and introduced us to something different which we both really enjoyed. 

The surveys were a great idea. We tend not to talk to much about sex, especially what we'd like to introduce. The survey showed that we had quite a lot in common but we had never mentioned to one another.

All in all, after using this box I did feel a lot closer to Chris and it was fun trying something new. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I do think that a Fantasy Box would be a great idea for couples to try. 

The Fantasy Box also offer subscriptions so you can receive the best of all themes randomly. Also, if you'd like to explore a certain theme in depth but you have no interest in the others, a bundle would be the best option. If a subscription isn't your thing, the boxes are available to buy as a one off. There are 12+ individual fantasies to choose from, one of which being The Honeymoon Box which would make a great alternative wedding gift.

Prices start from £49 per box for the Classic Box Subscription to £109 per box for the Platinum Box Subscription. 

You can find out more at The Fantasy Box website and you can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

(We received this product for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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  1. Thank you so much for the review! We created The Fantasy Box precisely for the reasons you talk about - we've all been there and are so glad people feel the same. We'd love to offer all your readers 20% off their first subscription with the code 'sharethelove' - thanks again!