Monday 8 February 2016

E at 17 Months

I'm well aware of the fact that I sound like a broken record but I can't believe that another month has passed. My baby girl is becoming a big girl before my eyes.

She has turned into such a cheeky little monkey and she knows she's being funny too. When myself or her daddy tell her to stop doing something she'll tell us "no!" - a word that I was dreading her learning!

I mentioned last week that she was walking and she has come on leaps and bounds with it. We have almost no crawling at all, she thinks she's great when she walks. Although she does fall on her bum sometimes, it doesn't faze her and she gets straight back up.

Her speech is bloody amazing! I am so shocked. I do compare her to C (I know I shouldn't but I do) who didn't speak much until he turned two so I am really shocked by how much she repeats at only 17 months. I do think that watching and listening to her big brother helps. Just the other day, she saw a picture of Miffy and started to sway from side to side like she was dancing then attempted to "sing" (in her own little way) the Miffy theme tune! I was really surprised she remembered it!

She is really independent and knows what she wants. I love watching her figure puzzles out, you can almost see the cogs whirring in her brain. She has also discovered how to get out of her pram which is a pain. She'll manouvre her way out of the arm straps, pull herself up to step over the harness then slide under the bar. She always finishes it by walking out and saying "ta-da!" Little trickster!

We have gone up a shoe size into an infant size 4 and she is still wearing 18-24 months - I don't think I could squeeze her long legs into 12-18 anymore! We also have two new teeth - molars! They seem to be growing in the strangest way. She still loves her food - especially bananas. She'll take herself off into the kitchen, point at the table and ask for "nannys!" Oh, and she is absolutely bloody obsessed with Peppa Pig!

I can't wait to see the mischief she makes this month! 


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