Tuesday 23 February 2016

Colours Colours Everywhere - book review

Book reviews are my absolute favourite posts. My two kids (aged 3 and 1) have probably 100+ books between them. Reading was a big part of my life when I was little (and still is now!) and it is so important to read with your children from an early age. As soon as E was born, I introduced her to C's old baby books and we progressed from there. We recently received Colours Colours Everywhere to read with E.

E is such a little sponge. C didn't really speak much until he turned two but E picks up everything, probably from copying her big brother. I was excited to read this to her to introduce to different colours and maybe get her saying them.

Colours Colours Everywhere is a chunky, hardbacked book with cut outs on the front of some of the items inside. Each page contains the colour in huge lettering along with some items that are that colour. For example, on the red page there are items like a strawberry and ladybird and the black page has a cat, spider and lots of others. I mentioned that on the front cover. This is because on each page of the items is on raised cardboard so it pops through. At the end there is a massive rainbow finale that covers both pages.

I was totally right when I said that I was hoping it would encourage her to say colours but it brings so much more. She loves pointing at all the different pictures of animals and other items and likes to try repeating what I say. The addition of rhymes to do with the colours is a great idea and I think the more we read it, the more likely it is to stick in her head because of this. The cut outs on the front, alongside the raised cardboard pieces, encourage her to touch the pages and really get into it. I think it's a lovely little book, perfect for ages 0-3 to teach them about colours.

In April this year, they will also be releasing Numbers Numbers Everywhere. I will definitely have to pick up a copy judging by how much E has loved this one!

Colours Colours Everywhere is written and illustrated by Libby Walden and Samantha Meredith, respectively, and it is published by Little Tiger Press. You can purchase it from all good book retailers and it's currently available on Amazon for £6.94.

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