Monday 18 April 2016

C is Going to Preschool!

Back in January, we filled in the form with C's pre-school choices. I think we chose five different ones. Our first choice was the one we desperately wanted him to get into, second and third were perfectly okay and we wouldn't be disappointed if he got in there and the last two were more space fillers or safety nets.

C had been going on for ages about how he couldn't wait to go to school and make friends so we waited patiently, then letter-arriving time sprung up on us. On Saturday morning, I grabbed the white letter as soon as it hit the floor and saw the school stamp of our first choice in the top corner and tried not to get my hopes up. I was delighted to see that he had in fact gotten in and even C said "oh my word!" He's been really excited all weekend, learning the name of his new school and I keep having to remind him that it's a few more months until he starts!

There are a few school activities during the summer so I am excited to take him and possibly meet some of his new classmates.

He has a family member who attends the primary school so that will be nice for him, plus it will probably be a natural progression from the pre-school to primary school; not just for him but most of his classmates too meaning that he'll keep the same friends. Then, when it comes to E's turn to apply, we'd have more of chance of her being with her brother.

I'm still a little in denial of how my little baby is big enough for pre-school but I can't wait for him to begin on this amazing journey.

1 comment on "C is Going to Preschool!"
  1. Aww! Bless him! Congrats about the school place.
    It really is the start of a new journey x