Wednesday 13 April 2016

C at 3.5 Years

The last update I wrote was when C had just turned three. Before this, I did them monthly but writing C at 37 months, 38 months, etc just seemed silly plus I didn't think I would have enough to write about how he was changing in that time. I decided to then do six monthly updates.

Since writing that last post, I feel like he's changed so much. The little toddler he was at 3 seems to have developed into the most amazing child.

He is honestly the funniest person I have ever met and I don't know where he gets it from. He has us in stitches every day with the little quips that he comes out with. As well as his speech developing wonderfully, he knows so many words and it's great to be able to have proper conversations with him and knowing that he can express his feelings, his memory is incredible too. He remembers songs that he's only heard a handful of times, he can recite the alphabet, can count to 100 and he's been recently learning to spell and write his alphabet. 

He still loves CBeebies and typical toddler shows but I can tell how he's growing because he's discovered a love for Star Wars and superheroes. Frozen is the ultimate favourite movie at the moment. He is always singing the songs and telling me what is going to happen before it does when we watch together. 

I'm mostly encouraging his creativity these days. His favourite things to do are puzzles, play dough modelling, painting and roleplaying like making figures "talk" or pretending to shop, cook and clean.

C does have temper tantrums and likes to wind us up to no end but I see that as a typical kid thing for this age. Some days he's great and we have no issues at all and others, as much as I feel guilty saying this, I can't wait for bed time so my head can have a rest!

He has his first friend in the form of D whose mummy writes at Us Two Plus You. We've had a few playdates over the past month or so and they get on like a house on fire. C always tells me about how much he loves him and that he's his best friend. 

Potty training is going well at the minute. Since he turned two a whole year and a half ago I've been so stressed over it. Hes quite tall for his age now and I worry that people were thinking that he looked far too old to be in a nappy but once I realised that it's completely up to him when he wants to do it, I felt happier. I didn't want to force him so when he recently started to accept it, I was so glad we waited. He's doing amazingly well. In saying that, we haven't yet ventured out of the house without a nappy or introduced pants. It's simply been a case of a bare bum around the house as I didn't want to introduce too much at once. He takes himself off to wee when he feels he needs to and I could count on one hand how many accidents he's had. I think it's so cute when he says "I feel a wee coming!" then rushes to the potty. He is getting a little irritated though. He asks for nappies but I think that's because he just wants to play and having to stop to go to the toilet is a bit of an inconvenience for him. I hope he gets used to it soon. Now I just need to brave taking him out and getting the pants on!

Finally the biggie. We've applied for nursery! We should get the letter this Friday (I think!) and I am so nervous. He keeps telling me that he can't wait to go to school and make friends so I have no worries about him actually going because I know he'll love it. I just hope he gets into his first choice as he has family that attend the primary school. I know I'll be the mum bawling my eyes out when I drop him off on the first day.

Where has my baby gone?!

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