Tuesday 5 April 2016

What I've Won - March 2016

April has been amazing for competition wins! I won 36 prizes in 31 days - I haven't averaged a win a day in ages never mind more than that! I've actually been comping more and changed up my routine a little so I think it's paying off.

This month I won:

1) Yes To wipes (RRP £7.98) from Yes To
Yes To ran this giveaway over Facebook and Twitter and I think they had something like 50 prizes to give away. It was a Mother's Day giveaway so I got a pack for me and a pack for my mum!
2) NYX liquid suede lipstick (RRP £6.50)
I won this from Alyssia Rose's 3 year blogiversary giveaway. I got to choose the shade myself, I love it!
3) Create Me book (RRP £17.99)
I won this from Bump to Baby blog. If you're a regular reader, you'll see that kids book reviews pop up quite a lot on the blog as the kids absolutely love having stories read to them. I love how this is personalised to C. He knew it was him right away.
4) Hello Nature book (RRP £12.95)
I won this in a World Book Day giveaway run by Laurence King Publishing on Twitter. Some parts are a little old for C but the activites he can do, he loves.
5) £5 voucher Willow's Wardrobe
This was a runners up prize in an Instagram giveaway on @willows_wardrobe. I chose this beautiful handmade bee top and just put the rest of the money towards it.
6) Date Night at Odyssey Bowl
My local bowling alley have a new Date Night deal which is a game of bowling, 2 alcoholic drinks (or soft drinks) and a combo platter of food for £19.99. I entered on a whim as Chris and I haven't had a date night since I was pregnant with C four years ago and I won! Luckily, Chris's mum had taken the kids to her caravan on St Patrick's Day so we visited then. Although it was odd not having the kids with us, we had such a great time. I'd forgotten what it was like!
7) The Ugly Duckling Book (RRP £6.99)
Toppsta run quite a lot of book giveaways on their website and you just have to do a quick review on their site afterwards. 

8) Warning! This Book May Contain Rabbits book (RRP £6.99)
This was another Toppsta win. C loves them both!

9) Penwizard book (RRP £14.99)
I won this in their World Book Day competition on Facebook. It was quite low entry and C was really chuffed that he got picked.
10) Octonauts sets (RRP £55.99)
A children's magazine win! As soon as this arrived and I saw that it was addressed to C, I quickly snuck it into the kitchen away from him. The note said that the actual prize that was advertised in the magazine wasn't available so they sent two sets worth more than the value of the original. He's got so many toys bought for him lately that I've put them away for his birthday.

11) Cat food (RRP £0.99)
I won this from Meowing Heads on Twitter. I wasn't too clear of what exactly the prize was but this is what I received. A handy little win.
12) Dates from Beloved
I technically didn't win these. Tammy tagged me and Jenna and because she won, we all won! 
13) Dr Seuss glasses (RRP £7.00) from Family Holiday Association
I entered this because C is obsessed with glasses. He has tons of toy pairs and these are interchangable with Velcro so he can switch them up whenever he likes.
14) My Little Pony DVD (RRP £7.99) from Animals and You
I love wins like this! Both kids absolutely love watching MLP on Tiny Pop every morning. As soon as it arrived C asked to watch it right away and the two of them had a boogie to the theme tune.
15) A Beginners Guide to Electricity and Magnetism book (RRP £8.99) from Bloomsbury Kids
I entered this knowing that it may be a little too old for C but in my opinion, you can never start teaching them too early! It will be great for when he starts science in school.

16) 3 bows (RRP £4.50) from @lottiesbows
This was a little Instagram win. I actually already owned one of her bows as she does them to match the ranges that Next stock so I'd purchased one to match a dress that E had. I chose 3 Next bows and of course I had to pop to Next to buy the outfits to match ;)
17) Bottle of Mickey Finns (RRP £6.50)
 I won this on Facebook but you had follow their new Instagram account and leave your username. I don't think there were many entries.
18) £25 Snapfish code
This was a Twitter win and I used it to get this gorgeous canvas print of C. I have a few of him around the house but they're from when he was little so it's nice to get an updated one.
19) Dr Brown's sippy cup (RRP £5.49)
This was another Twitter win and they had 10 to give away. I chose pink for E. We've cut out the bedtime bottle as she's getting a bit too old to use a bottle so I thought it would be great for her to drink her cows milk before bed from it.
20) £30 House of Fraser gift card
I had seen so many giveaways run over various blogs for one of these so I was determined to win one. Zena's Suitcase came to my rescue! I've actually yet to spend it so I think I'll have a browse after I finish writing this post.
21) Marvel memory game (RRP £3.99)
This was another kids magazine win. They had around 25 to give away. C is seriously chuffed - look at that happy face!

22) Ella's Kitchen The Green One (RRP £3.50)

This was a Twitter giveaway that I entered last minute as a friend tagged me in it. Even at 18 months old, E loves eating these pouches by herself so they're great to have in the changing bag when we're out and about.
23) Cowboy Deadpool Dorbz (RRP £12.99) from The Nerd Recites
I won this on Twitter the day after I'd been to see the Deadpool movie so I was delighted with it. We've only recently started collecting the Pop Vinyls and he is our first Dorbz.
24) Unisex reversible kids beanie (RRP £5.00) from @harperandcarter
I won this in an Instagram giveaway from one of the handmade shops that I follow. Hopefully I'll receive it this week and it's great as both kids can wear it.

25) Personalised Easter bag (RRP £7.00) from Cositas Bonitas
I won this on Facebook at the beginning of Easter week. It arrived just in time and E loves it.
26) Ring (RRP £22.00) from FIYAH Jewellery
This was another Twitter win and I thought it was gorgeous in their Twitter pic when they were promoting the competition but it is so much more beautiful in real life.
27) Collins Irish dictionaries (RRP £9.98)
This was from a St Patrick's Day giveaway on Twitter. I don't speak Irish myself but living in Northern Ireland, I've always wanted to learn. My sister studies it at school so I may get her to teach me some! 

28) Advanced Screening tickets to Batman v Superman
I entered this in a web giveaway with my local radio station. They originally told me I'd won two tickets then said it was a typo and it was actually four. We got to see the film two days before it was released to the public and I really enjoyed it!

29) Fierce Pierce: A Pirates Tale book (RRP £6.99) from A Mum Reviews
Yay, another kids book win! C loves pirates so I know this will go down a treat when it arrives.
30) Signed Spiralizer book (RRP £12.99) from Stephanie Jeffs
I won this on Twitter and I am so excited to get making. My extent of spiralizer recipes was courgetti and that's it!
31) Tea towels (RRP £19.90) from Yvonne Ellen
This was a handy little Instagram win. I haven't bought tea towels in about four years so yay! Just what we needed.
32) Case of Pringles (RRP £14.50) from NisaLocally
This was a simple Facebook giveaway where I just had to tell them my favourite flavour. I said sour cream and onion but in the winning notification they said I'd won a case of limited edition Pringles so we'll see what comes!
33) Kaffe Fassett EDT and candle (RRP £32.00) from Kaffe Fassett Beauty
This was another Instagram win. A nice treat for me this time! They both smell beautiful.
34) That's Not My Squirrel book (RRP £6.99)
Toppsta strikes again! We have three of the books in this range and both kids love them. I'm so excited for it to arrive.
35) Colouring book (RRP £7.00) from Katie Abey
I'm so chuffed with this as I'm a huge fan of Katie Abey's doodles. They always make me smile.
36) Joules headband and keyring (RRP £32.90) from Country Attire
I won this on Twitter and they are so soft. I've never owned anything from Joules before!

April saw me win 36 prizes worth a total £449.56! I'm hoping I can beat that this month with my new technique.

Did you win anything nice last month?

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  1. Karen hutchinson6 April 2016 at 00:50

    Congratulations - I hardly won a thing last month but this month has been better with a danger mouse toy pack and a Lego technics truck . Love reading competition wins - proves that people do win !