Sunday 10 April 2016

Look in my Letterbox #51

This week has been busy enough for post. I am a little surprised that I didn't receive more as I am waiting on tons to arrive. Maybe next week will be a bumper edition! As ever, I'm linking up with Alice-Megan's Look in my Letterbox linky.

Handmade doll
I won this from Milson Creations on Facebook. She has clearly put so much time and effort into it and she is so beautiful. E loves her.

Little Chicken's Egg-cellent Adventure DVD
This was a surprise win that turned up in the post. I did a quick search on MSE and I think it's come from Primary Times. 

Itty Bittys 
I won these from Not a Frumpy Mum. I was only expecting Batman and Superman so Wonder Woman was a nice surprise. Superhero-crazy C has claimed them!

I won these gorgeous string bracelets on Instagram from @madebygreenberry

Shabby Geek boxes
 I wasn't sure about whether or not I should include these but they did arrive so why not? In saying that, they are on their way back after a serious arguement between us trying to get a refund. I will go into more detail in a different blog post all about my shocking experience with Shabby Geek!

C loves other types of play dough so I thought he'd really enjoy this as they look quite similar.

Casdon Kitchen
 C loves roleplay and the kitchen at soft play is his favourite. I am a little sad that there are two girls playing on the box though!

E is a brand enthusiast for @leahannboutique and when she reopened she sent us these new bows from her collection.

Squishy Pop
I got a email to say that Evolution PR were giving away hundreds of these and I managed to get my email in quickly. The kids love it!

Did you receive anything nice this week?
5 comments on "Look in my Letterbox #51"
  1. I look forward to your post every week, you always win such lovely stuff. I've never heard of Shabby Geek what a shame you've had a bad experience it looks like pretty cool stuff.

  2. Shabby geek has really gone downhill, I waited about 8 weeks for my box last year. Seems they have just problems after problems. Love the itty Bittys

  3. So many lovely things! I think the doll is my favourite. Hope you get your Shabby Geek refund sorted

  4. I love the itty bittys I definitely want some of them to join my tsum tsums! Fab post this week

  5. Looks like a good haul, I love the cute little bows for little E