Thursday 21 April 2016

Look in my Letterbox #52

Oops, I am seriously late with this post. It's almost time for next weeks one! I've barely blogged this week as Blogger has been playing up and not letting me upload pictures *shakes fist* Anywho, I finally got it going again and here we are - this weeks Look in my Letterbox! As ever I'm linking up with Alice-Megan can you believe it's been a whole year since I started these posts!?

Warner Bros DVDs
I'd seen so many bloggers hosting giveaways for these and I was so pleased to win one because C had recently seen the Scooby Doo Meets Batman on in Lidl and wanted me to buy it for him. He was delighted and had me put it on to watch right away.
Little Chicken's Egg-cellent Adventure DVD
You may remember that I had this in my LIML last week - yep, I won another copy! Both were surprise wins that just turned up so I'll be gifting this to a family member.
Tea towel
I love this but it makes me want to eat biscuits! I haven't bought tea towels in about 6 years so it's a nice win.
E was still using her massive tank of a pushchair and I'd been saying to Chris for ages that we needed to buy a buggy because E is getting far too big and heavy. This was perfect timing and I just couldn't believe it.

Fierce Pierce book
This was a blog win and one C was happy about. He loves his books and the fact that it is pirate themed is a huge plus.
Teebusters t-shit
Teebusters run daily giveaways on Twitter but they don't tag winners, just upload an image with the winner's handle. Luckily, I checked back the day after I entered and saw I'd won (you only have 24 hours to claim!) You don't get to choose the tee, just the size and this is what I was sent. It's not too bad, I will wear it.
That's not my squirrel book
This was a Toppsta win. We already have three of the books in the That's not my... range from when C was little and E now loves them.

Bing puzzle
Both of my kids are obsessed with Bing. E even now shouts "Bim!" whenever she sees him.
Baker Ross crafts
C's favourite type of post! I'm really impressed with the selection this month.

Wow Toys reward charts
I love these! C is currently potty training so his will be perfect for that.

Benefit it's potent eye cream
A SoPost freebie! I've only ever used Benefit eyeliner and I love it so hopefully this is just as good.

We also got C's nursery letter and he got into his first choice - hooray!

Did you receive anything nice last week?

3 comments on "Look in my Letterbox #52"
  1. Wow for all your wins! I am so jealous. I have put a hold on my comping at the minute as I am just so busy but I really need to start it up again. I got the benefit instant comeback serum I absolutely love it

  2. Fab post week, we got Bing Bunny this week to, Mr C loves it. I love the look of the reward charts

  3. Another busy week and lots of good dvds to watch I bet your kiddiwinks are very entertained ;)