Monday 21 November 2016

Dressing for Christmas - Festive Jumpers from Matalan

I love Christmas. It is my favourite time of year, even more so since becoming a mother. There is nothing I love more than giving gifts and seeing the magic on my children's faces when they see what they have received. I go all out, I buy tons of new decorations every year and buy myself and the children festive clothing. I especially adore Christmas jumpers. I know a lot of people can dislike them but I truly think that it isn't Christmas until you have one.

Matalan very kindly sent the four of us jumpers for the holiday season. I love Matalan and it's my first port of call when I need to buy clothes for any of us. I think 95% of my children's wardrobe has been purchased from Matalan so I knew that I would love their Christmas range.

C is four now and I've been recently getting him more into choosing his own clothes to wear so I let him pick for himself and his two year old sister, E. He spotted a gorgeous red one with Rudolph on the front for himself and a fluffy pink one with a cute little penguin for E. He then noticed a "daddy sized" Rudolph jumper so of course Chris needed that to match! I opted for a standard fairisle style grey jumper.

As soon as they arrived, C's little face lit up and couldn't wait to get it on. He immediately noticed a sticker on Rudolph's nose - it plays Jingle Bells when you press it! He honestly thought that it was the best thing ever and actually cried when I had to take it off him to put his pyjamas on. It will definitely be worn a lot in the run up to Christmas - he even had to wear it to visit Santa and show off the song! It has "MERRY XMAS" on the back under the collar and he keeps trying to turn his jumper around whilst he's wearing it so he can read it. Super cute!

E's jumper is very fluffy, comfortable and utterly adorable. She thinks it's great that her penguins wears a hat and scarf just like she does. She's recently been telling us that her favourite colour is pink so it was nice to get a Christmas jumper in that colour, it isn't one you'd traditionally think of at Christmas.

Mine and Chris's jumpers were very warm and cosy and fit perfectly. Chris isn't a fan of Christmas jumpers at all so I did wonder if I'd actually get him to wear it - he kept it all on day and when I queried it he said, "It's keeping me warm." I'll take that as a win! The lovely cartoon style Rudolph of the men's jumper is very fun and the kids love it. I think my fairisle one is very understated and I love the little Christmas trees, baubles and snowflakes. It's sparkly too, how can anyone say resist that?

I absolutely adore all of our jumpers but I have to say that the price is what blew me away the most. Both of the children's jumpers were £10.00 each, Chris's men's jumper was £16.00 and my women's, £18.00. I've seen some online retailers sell single men's jumpers for £54 so having four fantastic quality and great fitting jumpers for the same price is amazing. 

To have a look at their full range of Christmas jumpers, check out the Matalan website. You can keep up to date on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.

(We received these jumpers for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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