Monday 27 May 2013

Charity Walk for Coeliac UK

(This post is picture heavy).

My friend Jessica is coeliac so has to have a gluten-free diet. She decided to plan a charity walk for Coeliac UK to help with the development of more gluten-free products.

We walked along the coast from Cultra to Bangor (have a Google if you're not familiar with NI!) which is roughly eight miles. It was a beautiful day with only a five minute sun shower! I was pushing C in the pram (who isn't exactly light!) so it was like a double workout for me.

Along the way, we stopped and let C dip his feet in the water for the first time! I was expecting him to cry as it was cold but he just looked at it as if to say "what is this?" Haha!

C walking with Jessica:

At the end of the walk, Jessica had planned a little lunch for everyone. If you know Jessica, you'll know that she always goes all out with the planning. The kids got goodie bags with lucky bags, colouring books, stickers, masks etc and because C is only little, he got a book and rattle toy and a little bag of biscotti! We also got goodie bags filled with gluten-free products and a little gluten-free recipe book, a gluten-free cupcake and a thank-you gift (mine was a bookmark).

Jessica's table layout:

Beautiful handmade wine glass charm:

Gluten-free 'thank you' cupcake:

My thank you card and bookmark:

C's first time in a restaurant highchair!:

After the lunch, we had around an hour to spare before getting the train home. Bangor has a lovely park so we took the kids there.

Myself and C having fun at the park:

C and Jessica at the park:

Sleepy C on the train home:

All in all, it was a great day. I was exhausted after it but so glad I did it. Jessica counted up the sponsors totals and over £700 was raised!

4 comments on "Charity Walk for Coeliac UK"
  1. Thats amazing! Well done to everyone raising so much for a great cause! C looked like he had a fab time too! x

  2. He really did. The park was so busy due to it being bank holiday weekend so he didn't get a chance to go the swings! I hadn't been to Bangor in years so Chris & I are definitely gonna take him down again! x

  3. That's great you have raised loads, Gluten free is slowly being taken more seriously by food manufacturers. My mother-in-law suffers from coeliac and she is always trying to find exciting things to eat. Every time we see a local business offering a gluten free menu we call her all excited.

  4. It's great. I've started noticing more places putting gluten-free dishes on their menus too!