Tuesday 7 May 2013

C's last ever visit to baby clinic!

Today, C had another visit to baby clinic to see how he's developing after being born prematurely. I always get very nervous going and feel as though people might judge me or I'm doing something wrong (don't know why!).

We arrived and were seen straight away. Last time we were there was in January and C weighed 15lbs 8oz. Now, he is 18lb 9oz! 

The consultant tested him by sitting him up unaided, checking his heart rate, how he stands and if he follows items around the room. Everything was perfect! She then told us that they don't see any reason to see him anymore and that he's developing really well!

On our last visit, we were told that he will probably be a bit behind but by his first birthday there should be no differences between him and a baby born at full-term around the same time. This time, we were told that at only 7.5 months old, there are no differences already!

He loves visiting baby clinic because he loves all the attention. He was smiling away at everyone and sticking his tongue out like a cheeky monkey!

I'm over the moon that everything is going so great. Even when he was in hospital after just being born, everything was good and we never had to take a few steps back. I'm just waiting for something to go wrong now!

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