Tuesday 14 May 2013

Getting Crafty! - Salt Dough Keepsakes

Quite a few weeks ago, Deborah over at Super Busy Mum posted about how she made a salt dough footprint of her daughter's feet. It looked fab so I wanted to give it a go with C.

Ours could have turned out better but I'm happy enough with it!

If you want to have a go yourself, you can find Deborah's original post here.

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4 comments on "Getting Crafty! - Salt Dough Keepsakes"
  1. Love it! Such a fab job! Its such an easy recipe to put together! Although the fiddly part is getting the impression! Took me 3 attempts with mine, lol!

    Great job though, and thanks for the link back! x

  2. Yeah, it took us a few goes too! And no worries, I got the idea from you so of course I was going to link back :) x

  3. What a wonderful keepsake! Wish i'd have done this when Bob was tiny! x

  4. I'm going to make some more as gifts for family! x