Friday 24 May 2013

Finger Food Friday - 24/05/2013

Today's finger food was carrots!

The carrots were easy enough for C to hold in his hand but because they were quite watery, everytime he took a bite out of one they slipped further down in his fist!

He seemed to really enjoy the taste and didn't leave any! I had to give him a little extra help when he reached the end but that was to be expected.

Already looking forward to next week!

Mum of a Premature Baby

3 comments on "Finger Food Friday - 24/05/2013"
  1. Wow he looks like he is really enjoying his food ! Olivia is just starting on finger foods we are just letting her feel her own way round them.

  2. He never turns his nose up at a thing. So glad. I really don't want him to be fussy!

  3. Ha, he looked like he loved those carrots! Good lad! Belle is still on puree'd food and will be fora few mths yet but I know she'll have awesome fun when she gets to this stage!