Friday 31 May 2013

Finger Food Friday - 31/05/2013

Today's food was broccoli!

The first two "trees" that I gave C, he ate no problem.

Along came number three and he decided that he didn't like it! Completely turned his nose up. I tried him with another piece and he wouldn't even take it from my hand.

Eek! I know that sometimes it can take a baby a few goes with something before they take to them so I'll give it another shot!

Mum of a Premature Baby

2 comments on "Finger Food Friday - 31/05/2013"
  1. I love his wee face when he realized he wasn't a big fan! LOL! Such a cutie. My Ellie can eat broccoli by the bowl full! Personally I need some mash & chicken to go with mine ;) x

  2. I love broccoli myself! Gonna keep trying him with it though x