Wednesday 15 May 2013

The Park & the Museum

A few weeks ago, we tried to take C to the park but it didn't quite work out. (You can read about that here).

Today, we decided to give it another shot. We set off and C fell asleep again! We were able to wake him up and he had his first go on the swings!

(I don't know why I look like I'm about to start crying lol!)

As we were about to make our way back home, Chris suggested we go to the Ulster Museum. I'm never one to turn down a trip to the museum. Chris and I actually had our first date there (geeky, I know) and technically C has been there before...just in my belly. 

Today was also the first day that he was out of his car seat and in the big part of his pram so he loved being able to see everything. I thought he would get bored but he genuinely seemed interested and was looking around at everything. I can't wait for our next day trip! 

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