Wednesday 29 May 2013

What We Bought

I hate shopping. There. I said it. I'm a woman and I hate to shop. I tell a little lie. I like shopping for baby clothes and that's about it! Today though, we ventured out.

Chris's laptop broke a couple of months ago and it's just progressively gotten worse. So he bought himself a new one! You can see the new one next to the old one below. He definitely needed it!

All chuffed with his new laptop:

C needs new clothes. He's bursting out of everything so we were totally in our element when we were choosing what to buy him. 
Here's what we chose:

(T-rex & robot t-shirts 2 for £8 in Boots, Whale t-shirt £2.99 in H&M, Moustache & braces tee and shorts set £7.99 in H&M, Polo £3.99 in H&M, checkered shorts £3.99 in H&M)

Chris convinced me to buy myself something. The last time I bought clothes for myself was when my daddy gave me money specifically for clothes at Christmas but I've lost weight now and none of it fits me! I chose this lovely long top at £12.99 from H&M.

 I felt so guilty afterwards because I could have spent that money on him!

I have been looking for a facial cleanser but have never tried any of Lush's tubs. I branched out and went for the Herbalism one. I will do a review once I've used it!

C's birthday is in September and I've been wracking my brain of what to buy him. On an impromptu visit to the Disney Store I found a big Dumbo teddy! C loves Dumbo and has got so many Dumbo bath towels, bibs, vests and sleepsuits so I bought him it. Here it is in comparison to his current Dumbo teddy:

Big Dumbo teddy £18 in the Disney Store

Of course, I just had to buy him a little present that he could have now. We went for the stacking cups which were £4 in Early Learning Centre. Obviously, he doesn't know how to stack them yet but he enjoys knocking them down once I've stacked them!

I also picked up a few gifts for Chris and C's grandad's for Father's Day but I'll not post them here as I don't want to spoil the surprise! I haven't spent this much in a while and I don't even want to look at my bank account! All worth it though!

5 comments on "What We Bought"
  1. I never spend money on myself. It doesn't feel right. I am always thinking I could of spent that on Cameron.

    I love you clothes you bought and that long top is something I would have bought for myself.

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Hope to see you again this Saturday


  2. I'm the same about spending money on myself. Even my Birthday/Christmas money would go on my kids! What are we like eh!

    Gorgeous top there Rebecca!

    And what lovely clothes H&M have! I never knew they did kids clothes. Maybe because I NEVER go in there as they don't do my size, lol! Must pop in for a wee nosy! x

  3. I know, Laura & Deborah. I feel so guilty spending money on myself!

    Definitely go in Deborah! There's only a tiny section for boys clothes but loads for girls! They have some really cute sets! x

  4. Hello, I am sorry I little speak English I am French.
    I am on your blog because I lost Dumbo of my son who is exactly as your (any young) I look for him it desperately it was a present for its birth... Disney Store does not sell it any more. Would know you to say to me where you bought it? Thank you in advance my email:

  5. Everything is good in our blog. Have you tried it to repair your old laptop?