Saturday 7 September 2013

C's First Time Swimming

We bit the bullet and finally took C swimming. We've wanted to for ages but kept putting it off but seeing as both Chris & I would be starting college next week, we needed to go while we still had the time together as a family.

C love water. He loves his bathtimes and he loved splashing in the sea when we went to the beach during the summer. I knew he'd love swimming but did think that he might not know what was going on.

I took him into the changing room with me (never again - too stressful for me trying to keep him occupied whilst getting myself and him ready. Chris can change him next time!) and we headed out to meet Chris in the pool.

As I walked by with C in my arms, he started to wave at everyone (even high-fiving the lifeguard!). He thought it was great. 

Once we got into the pool, he didn't even get a shock. He leaned his arms onto his Fings (I won these in a competition. Best. Invention. EVER!) and I held his hands, pulling him along. Chris kept his hand under his belly and he began kicking his feet straight away!

He really enjoyed himself (and so did we!). He didn't like lying on his back though as the water got in his ears. It was so much fun and I cannot WAIT to take him again!

Do your little ones enjoy swimming?

1 comment on "C's First Time Swimming"
  1. From my experience they only like it on their backs when they are really little and from then on try and sit up! I find it a nightmare with the changing. Keep thinking of taking the younger two when big mans at school but the changing puts me off! Glad you all had a fab time x