Friday 20 September 2013

What Do You Buy a 1 Year Old for their Birthday?

When I first started planning C's birthday, presents came first but I had no idea what to get! I took to Twitter and asked some other bloggers what they thought. I got a few responses but as the months went by, I saw that some other people had posed the same question; what do you buy a one year old for their birthday? 

C's birthday is tomorrow and I obviously have all his presents purchased and wrapped so I thought it would be a good idea to share what we bought for him as it might help other parents who are at a loss of what to buy. 

1) LeapFrog ABC Spinamals 
I picked this up last minute as I panicked that I hadn't bought enough! You push the button the middle, the wheel spins and a whichever letter it lands on, it teaches you an animal.

2) Vtech Sing Along Microphone
This was another last minute purchase. Chris picked it and I went with it as C loves lights and sounds. I'm sure he'll get enjoyment out of it.

3) Fisher Price Little People Play n' Float Boat
Yet another last minute buy. C doesn't have many bath toys so I knew that I needed to get him some. This seems great as he can get so much use out of it.

4) Vtech Toot Toot Drivers Police Car
I chose this as a small gift to fill out his presents. I know he'll enjoy pushing it around the ground.

5) DVDs
I enter a lot of online competitions and I was lucky enough to win these DVDs over the past few months so I decided to put them away until his birthday.

6) Fisher Price Lil' Snoopy
How cute is he!? I just couldn't resist. C will look adorable pulling his little dog around behind him!

7) Little Tikes Shape Sorter

Please excuse the battered box, it got a bit damaged upstairs! I wanted something like this to teach him about shapes. Really glad I purchased this one.

8) Dumbo teddy
C LOVES Dumbo. He has too much Dumbo clothes and has a smaller Dumbo teddy which he carries everywhere. I saw this in the Disney Store and just had to buy it for him.

9) Fisher Price Laugh n Learn Puppy
This was another competition win. I took so much strength not to give him it straight away but I know he'll love it :)

10) Mega Bloks First Builders
I loved Lego as a child and I wanted to get C something similar. Obviously, he is too small for Lego but this will make a great substitute and will start him off nicely!

11) Elmer Wooden Puzzle
I love puzzles and love wooden toys. I wanted to buy C one with knobs on to teach him then we'll progress when he has mastered it. I love how it is Elmer - my dad used to read Elmer books to me when I was younger!

12) Bowling Set
This one was Chris's idea. This set is aimed at children 3+ but apparently Chris wants to teach him. In the almost 4 years we have been together, I've seen Chris bowl once....go figure!

13) Smartrike
This one was a must. There was no doubt in my mind, I was getting him a Smartrike and only a Smartrike would do. How amazing are they?!

14) Little Tikes Rocking Horse
We saw these on the shop floor of Smyths and let C have a ride on it. He seemed to enjoy it so I purchased it knowing that he'd be happy to have one at home!

I do hope this has helped some people fretting over what to buy. 

Is there anything on your list that I haven't mentioned?
What would you suggest?

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  1. Awww what a lucky little boy! everything looks so cute and so much fun, I'm sure he'll be thrilled!!

    Hope he has a lovely first birthday! Happy Birthday C!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks