Monday 9 September 2013

Finger Painting

Ever since having C, I knew that I wanted to get him introduced to arts and crafts pretty much as soon as possible. 

I popped into Mothercare last week on the hunt for their "My First Crayons" but unfortunately, they were sold out. I did however, notice a box of 6 finger paints reduced £5 down to £4. The recommended age is 18 months + but I got them anyway. 

The following day, I stripped C's clothes off, sat him in his highchair with a page in front of him and used a sponge to apply the paint to his hands. My biggest worries were him either getting paint everywhere or trying to eat it. Neither of which happened!  

The paint was...strange - but in a good way! It was nowhere near as runny as I thought it would be and after doing a few prints the paint had gone from his hands. It dried in really quickly on the paper too. He got a little paint on his highchair tray but that was easily wiped clean. 

I am so impressed with these paints and surprised by how easy and hassle-free it was. I can't wait to do some more! 

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