Thursday 26 September 2013

Neviti 'Ahoy There' Party Decor Review

Planning birthday parties can be pretty stressful with the amount that you need to buy and making sure that all the party decorations match can be an expensive job.

Neviti very kindly sent us some supplies for C's first birthday party. They sell a wide range of partyware for any occasion, Halloween, birthdays, Christmas and many more in between. I was able to choose which range I wanted so I opted for Ahoy There. I love a good nautical theme!

We received:
  • 2 x packs of 8 1st Birthday Plates (RRP £2.99 each)
  • pack of 20 Paper Napkins (RRP £2.99 each)
  • 3 x packs of 8 1st Birthday Cups (RRP £2.99 each)
  • 1 1st Birthday Bunting (RRP £7.99)
  • 4 x packs of 5 Party Bags (RRP £3.99 each)
  • 1 pack of 100 Cake Cases (RRP £3.99)
  • 3 x packs of 8 1st Birthday Balloons (RRP £2.99 each)
  • 1 Cake Stand (RRP £7.50)

I was really surprised and very pleasantly so at the amount that we received. It was definitely enough to throw a fabulous party.

The plates are really thick and good quality - especially for such a great price! Each plate is 23cm in diameter and we had no problem whatsoever with grease from hot food seeping through onto the bottom and then onto peoples hands!

The napkins are great! They're 3-ply which makes them really durable and able to mop up any spills without a problem. The design is different compared to the rest of the range but that just makes them stand out more.

The cups, again, are really thick and durable. We had no leaks through the bottom even after the juice had been in the cup for quite a while. Each one holds 8oz of liquid which is a perfect amount for people walking around and chatting at a party.

The bunting (top right corner) is thick and durable just as the rest of the range. Throughout the duration of the party, it didn't fall down or snap. It is 2.5 metres long.

The party bags are my favourite. They are very pirate-y and the paper/plastic blend is so much more long lasting that traditional plastic party bags! They are 230mm high and 120mm wide. I thought that they were quite roomy and able to hold the treats comfortably.

The cupcake cases are really cute and come in two designs - red anchor and blue boat. 100 cases were a bit too much for us but I've kept them to use the next time we bake! They really spruced up our cupcakes (we had pirate ones!)

The cake stand is fantastic. Again, thick cardboard and so easy to put together in two simple steps. The stand is 275mm high and 250mm high. We were able to fit 24 cupcakes on comfortably.

The balloons were a real hit and the kids loved playing with them. The motif in the middle was a lot bigger than I'd expected. They are a great addition to the party range and really set the party off.

There are more items in the range such a invitations, thank you cards, snack boxes and more. Neviti really took a lot of the stress out of planning a party by having such a great range of items.

For any subsequent parties that I may host, I will definitely use their services again!

You can find Neviti at their website, Facebook and Twitter. Pop over and Like or Follow them!

(Disclaimer: We received this range of party products for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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