Friday 6 September 2013

F&F Kids Clothing Review

I've mentioned numerous times that I love buying C new clothes. I usually stick to high street stores and I never normally think of Tesco as a place to purchase clothing for him. I think this is because our nearest Tesco store (which we do our grocery shop in) don't stock the F&F clothing range so it's never out on show to me.

F&F sent C some lovely clothes to review. 

We received:
5) Turn-up Chinos (£6.00)

The first thing I do with clothing is look at the stitching. It always tells you how well made they are. The stitching in these clothes are very well done (especially the socks and bodysuits). You can't tell the difference between these and a high end retailers clothing.

The dungarees are quite heavy so perfect for coming into winter. The corduroy is very soft so it didn't worry me that it would irritate his skin. The ankles are elasticated and he was able to move easily in it.

The two t-shirts were thick also and really good sizes. I could definitely see him wearing them for a good while longer. There are popper buttons to the side of the neck for easy removal. The print on the t-shirts seemed to have stayed the same and not faded after a few washes.

The chinos are softer than I would have imagined so make for easier movement now that C is more active. They make him look so grow up!

This little jumper is my favourite. I love how it looks like a proper knitted jumper but the effect is just printed on it! This makes it not as heavy but still a good weight for a jumper PLUS there is no irritation to his skin.

The pyjamas are FAB! (Totally not biased because they say that mummy rocks & not daddy!) They are really light and airy which is great as C sweats a lot in his sleep and I worry that he might be too warm in bed. They can be mixed and matched too!

Finally, the swim shorts - aren't they just adorable?! There is a little mesh bit that goes over his swim nappy & a little drawstring waistband. They held up well in the pool!

All of the clothing came out of the washing machine in great condition and nothing was left misshapen. The total of these items came to £48.25 which I think is absolutely fantastic for the amount of items that I was able to purchase and for how great the quality was. I definitely think I'll think twice before purchasing elsewhere. How can you argue with £2.50 vests and £2.75 socks!?

Have you ever purchased from F&F at Tesco before?
Let me know your thoughts!

(Disclaimer: I was offered £50 to spend online at F&F in order to carry out this review, openly and honestly. All thoughts and opinions are my own).

5 comments on "F&F Kids Clothing Review"
  1. I love f+f clothes for kids and for myself. Your little man is a cutie :)

  2. I've had loads of clothes for my two from Tesco - especially vests.
    I do find the sizing is less generous than some other brands but as long as you are aware of that and accommodate for it they are fab.

  3. Some lovely outfits, I never think to pop into a supermarket for clothes, I love the star print pj's.

  4. I love F&F clothes, they're such great value for money without compromising on the quality at all. C looks so cute modelling all of his new clothes xxx
    Love From Mummy

  5. Aw how cute, I love F&F clothing for Sienna! Always pick her something up! x