Friday 27 September 2013

When is the Right Time to Have Another Baby?

C is one year old (in case you didn't know - I've only been shouting it from the rooftops lately!) and I know that some people would think that I am absolutely crazy to even THINK about having another one especially with what we ended up going through the first time round. Except I can't shake the feeling. I want another baby. I know I'm not done. 

Chris never wanted kids until we had properly settled into a family home and were in a stable place financially but things don't always work out that way. I fell pregnant with C and we were overjoyed. We'd make it work. 

A year on, the feelings are coming back. I know that now isn't the right time for us. Our lease is up in July and we're looking to move into a bigger home. C is in our room with us and he desperately needs his own space. If I were to fall pregnant now, it would be too hard to buy everything needed for a new baby and save up for a bigger and better house PLUS my due date would be around the time of moving and I would not want to be in that situation. 

Everywhere I look though, people are getting pregnant. Celebrities, people are posting on Facebook and I read parenting blogs so I see numerous bump updates too and it is quite upsetting. I will admit that I have cried over it. How do I get rid of these feelings? Will they go away over time?

I have a younger sister. There are 10 years between us so we're not what you'd call 'close' and don't have very much in common. I know that I don't want a huge age ago between my kids but Chris had originally said that he'd like to wait until C is in school before we tried for another but in my eyes, that's more of  a gap than I wanted. However, we have chatted and I talked him to when C is 3 years old and starting nursery then further chats led to "we'll reassess the baby situation when we're in the new house". I am well aware that he's probably saying this to shut me up but we'll see!

Have you ever felt this way? How did you get rid of the feelings?
2 comments on "When is the Right Time to Have Another Baby?"
  1. I can relate to this feeling and in truth, it never really goes away. It flares up then simmers down, to only flare up again. Its in the female nature to breed and what your feeling is perfectly natural, hurts like hell but your strong, so you can push it aside until its need to be dealt with again. xx

  2. I can definitely relate to this, but it's my husband who wants a smaller age gap between Dex and the next one. He did want to start trying in December this year but now he's changed it to early next year. We do want a big family. I'm an only child and Sam likes the idea of big family Christmases. I told him that's I'd settle on three children, but my main worry if that with the M.E I struggle with Dex so having two would really affect me, but I also don't want to wait until I'm potentially better because that might never happen. I would be happy with just Dex. So many people can't have children and I feel so blessed to have one to love and cherish so whatever happens, I'm happy. :)