Wednesday 11 September 2013

My Customer Service Experience at Clarks

A few days ago, we ventured into town to get C a new pair of shoes as he's now taking a few steps. With C being our first child we didn't know what we needed first. 

We had a browse at the hard-soled shoes in M&S and really liked the selection but thought we'd better go to Clarks and get his feet properly measured first. 

In we went and a lovely staff member came over to ask if we needed any help and I asked if he could measure C's feet. He happily obliged and even chatted away to C, trying to make him feel comfortable. He informed us that C's feet were 4G (wide feet!) and we selected a gorgeous pair of dinosaur shoes that lit up. 

He came back with the shoes in the proper size, fitted them and explained about how baby shoes work. Firstly, the shoes that we had chosen would need to be for a child who is capable of taking around 15-20 steps on their own. The hard sole helps to prevent the child from curling their toes up - something that they're used to when they first start to walk. 

The member of staff needed to see how he walked in them but C was much more interested in admiring his shoes. He did try to take a few steps but it was too hard for him and he kept going up on his toes and falling over. 

We were told that he probably wasn't ready for this type of shoe yet and that he should practice for a few more weeks in flexible-soled shoes. He said, "I don't want you to be wasting money on shoes that he won't be ready to walk in and by the time he is ready, he'll have grown out of them!"

I am so pleased with how we were treated. It took us a really long time to get C to take a few steps and the staff member sat with us the whole time. I love how he explained everything so clearly to us and didn't push us into a sale. I know when C is ready for those shoes, we'll definitely go back for them! I'm just annoyed that I can't remember the mans' name! 
3 comments on "My Customer Service Experience at Clarks"
  1. That's fab! Well done Clarks! My experience buying for Chlo was totally different & I was sold shoes which fell off her feet when she walked. I had a huge battle with customer service to get it sorted.

  2. Go Clarks! I do love their shoes for our LOs little feet! Go them for making sure you weren't going to waste money on shoes that wouldn't feet him by the time he was ready! x

  3. That is brilliant!! Well done Clarks!! :)