Monday 2 June 2014

My Second Pregnancy: 26 Week Bump Update

I'm 26 weeks pregnant!

I'll start off with a lovely point - leaky boobs are well in truly in. I've officially broken out the breast pads. I don't remember this happening until after C was born last time!

The baby is still in breech position so her kicks are right on my bladder. Not good for me as I constantly feel like I'm going to wee myself!

I have my first sickness - I have the cold! Woe is me. I know, it's not the worst in the world but I'm feeling soooo crappy!

Chris's sister gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl on Wednesday. We completely forgot how tiny newborns are and when we got home, Chris and I had a new found excitement for the baby arriving.

At 26 weeks, the nerves in the baby's ears are better developed so she can hear when we speak. She is also inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid to develop her lungs and get her used to breathing when she's born. 

She now weighs around 1.8lbs and measures roughly 14 inches (the size of a papaya).

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