Monday 16 June 2014

My Second Pregnancy: 28 Week Bump Update

I'm 28 weeks pregnant. Officially in the third trimester and boy, don't I know it!

I'm feeling a lot like I did during the first trimester. I'm constantly tired, I wake up in the mornings feeling a little sick and again, I'm finding it hard to find food that I want to eat. I've put on 13lbs already! How can this be possible? I'm really gonna have my work cut out for me when baby arrives! 

My heartburn has been really bad this week and on Saturday night, I found I had to sleep upright with a cushion propping me up. It was awful! 

This week I did an inventory of the clothes that we have for the baby so we would know what we had still to buy. I popped out to pick up a few packs of newborn bodysuits and sleepsuits yesterday so I think that we are totally prepared now when it comes to clothing.

I also ordered a baby bouncer and I'm waiting for that to be delivered. This week, we will also order our crib and bedding so we'll be pretty much ready for her coming. With C arriving at 33 weeks, we wanted to make sure we had everything in sooner rather than later. 

This week, the baby weighs around 1kg and is roughly measuring 38cm (the size of a head of cauliflower!). She can now turn her head, open her eyes and blink. She even has eyelashes now too! 

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