Saturday 21 June 2014

C at 21 Months

I really cannot believe how much C is picking up and doing for the first time within the short space of a month! He's character is really developing and you can tell that he is his own little person. 

This month, C's firsts include feeding the ducks! We brought him to Shaw's Bridge to let him feed the ducks at the Lagan. Ok, it didn't go amazingly well because he tried to eat the bread himself instead of throwing it to them (typical!) but it was the first time that he'd seen real ducks and you could tell that he was fascinated!

He's also been playing with bubbles outdoors. At first he was a bit confused as to why he couldn't touch them but he loves watching them float by and trying to pop them. 

Chris often goes for runs in order to keep fit and when he gets back he'll do sit-ups and push ups. C has now tried to copy his daddy doing his push ups but he just puts his two hands on the ground so his bum is in the air. He also tries star jumps but he doesn't quite know how to jump off the ground so really he's just flailing his arms around. Bless him, he really does think he's doing them correctly! 

His speech is coming along. He can now say "juice", "banana", "black", "there he is!" (When he's playing cuckoo) and "sock" (although he does say 'cock' at the minute!) 

He has a little cheeky side to him now. as soon as anyone gets up off of their seat, C is straight over stealing it on them. He also has duped me! He brought me his juice bottle so off I went to fill it and he usually follows me to make sure that I'm definitely filling it but I came back to the living room and he was almost at the top of the stairs smiling at me! The juice was all a ruse so he could climb the stairs!! I'm so lucky he didn't have an accident. 

C is picking up quite a lot when it comes to food too. He has seen me blowing on his food to cool it down so he tries to do it too. 

When he's at my parents house and my dad is giving him a treat after his dinner, he gives it to C like an aeroplane. I've since caught C holding pieces of his dinner and doing the 'aeroplane' with them! 

He has also discovered how to sniff. He loves sniffing peoples toes (weirdo!) and if he finds a tissue he'll put it to his, mine or Chris's nose and sniff as though he's telling us to blow. 

Finally, C became a big cousin! Chris's sister gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl a few weeks ago and we brought C to hospital to see her. I didn't really know how he'd act around her but he was brilliant. He stroked her little hand and said "aww" and even gave her two gentle kisses on the forehead!  

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