Thursday 20 November 2014

C at 26 Months

Last month I didn't do a C update and that was because I didn't have anything to write! Nothing had changed. This month is pretty much the same except his speech is getting better and better. It's like someone flicked a switch. 

He's picking up more and more words. I've honestly lost count of how many he knows now and he's starting to put them together to make phrases so we can now have conversations with him. He's associating things brilliantly too.

My favourite thing that he's picked up is emotions. He knows when he is happy and sad and all we ever get is him walking up to Chris and saying, "Hi, daddy. I'm sad". 

Something Special has been fundamental to his learning, in my opinion. He adores Mr Tumble and always asks to watch him and has begun signing words to us too. 

Aside from his speech, he has been properly sick for the first time ever. He has a runny nose, chesty cough and has completely lost his appetite. His voice was very croaky too but he's gotten over that. I feel very sorry for him because he properly knows that he is feeling rubbish and just wants to sleep all day. 

And finally, after 26 months on the planet, I introduced him to Peppa Pig. And he loves it. He especially loves to oink. 


1 comment on "C at 26 Months"
  1. Seems like Caleb and Matthew are nearly the same age. Matthew doesn't put many words together to a sentence though. But he's been lazy. he only started walking at 18 months so I'd say by the age of 2 1/2 he will be flying.