Friday 14 November 2014

E at 10 Weeks

10 weeks old already. These weeks are flying by. 

E is still taking 6oz of formula every 4 hours but we've bumped her up to 3 scoops of Carobel and onto number 3 bottle teats as anything less wasn't settling her. 

I feel as though she is developing quite a lot. She has found her fists and she is constantly chewing on them. She is also really enjoying tummy time and her head control is getting better and better. When she is sitting in her chair or against a cushion on the sofa I can see her trying to lift her head as though to sit up. Which is crazy, right!? Way too early? C was premature so did quite a few things late so I'm not too sure what is normal!

I'm just about to move her into 3-6 month sleepsuits. Her 0-3 month outfits are fine but she's very tall so her sleepsuits are very tight around her little toes and I don't want her to be uncomfortable. 

She's growing up too quickly!

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